Puerto Rico Real Estate

Population: 3,598,357
Population Growth: -1.13%
Gross Domestic Product: $61.46 billion (2013 est.)
Per Capita GDP: $28,500 (2013 est.)

Additional Detail

Puerto Rico is a very unique island in Latin America enjoying the distintion of being the only Spanish speaking US territory. The close links between the US and Puerto Rico has creates a country rooted deeply in colonial Spanish history and culture with the common characteristics of westernized society. Along with the cutural cross-pollenization Puerto Rico shares similarities with the US in the operation of government, law enforcement and essential infrastructure operations.

Within the country's borders there are many bilingal native Puerto Ricans as well as a significant ex-patriot society. Recent reductions in the population of the country by citizens opting for residency within the United States and other Latin American countries has opened up additional investment opportunities. The close economic links with the United States makes Puerto Rico an ideal location for businesses seeking expansion into regions close to the US with lower costs of doing business. Additionally, investors seeking opportunities in residential real estate projects will also find that there are many opportunities available.